How To Make A Phone Ring When It’s On Silent

Step 1: Install Ring My Droid

First of all, you are required to download this make my phone ring Android app to make a phone ring on silent: Ring My Droid
Step 2: Open It
When you get done with the process of installation, open the application

Step 3: Set Your Key Phrase

Now you will see the display with Set Your Key Phrase. Here you will be required to insert the secret message which will make your phone ring when it gets received on your device
ring my droid app to make my phone ring

Step 4: Secret Message

Just simply click the Set button after entering the secret message. Now when your phone gets lost in silent mode, you just need to send this secret message to the phone via any other mobile. The phone will start ringing.

Step 5: Found Phone

And when you find the location of your phone via this make my phone ring then just click on Found Phone! button. It will stop ringing.
make someones phone ring when its on silent

Step 6: Done

That’s it. You are done with the process of how to make a phone ring on silent. This will help you to to make a phone ring on silent. This will help you to call a phone on silent and make it ring.
Frankly, the above-given steps of making my phone ring are the major ones for finding the Android Phone which is in silent mode. The method how to make a phone ring on silent is so easy and you can easily find out the device which has been misplaced or the Android is lost (when it is in silent mode) by sending a secret message. You can hear it from the ringing voice.
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