How To Build Your Own Android Messenger App Without Coding Skills

Hello and welcome everyone to Hacking-News & Tutorials in today’s tutorial we will be discussing on the topic “How To build Your own Android Messenger App”, Yes you heard it right, after following this easy tutorial you can also build your own messenger app in minutes and the best things is no programming skills required.
The tutorial is very easy anyone who has a basic knowledge on Android & Internet can do this easily, Do ask your queries in the comment box and we will try to solve it asap. Comments and Suggestions are always welcomed.
Downloads & Requirements ??
1. Android Device/ PC/ Laptop(with active internet connection)
2. A little bit of patience
Let’s Get Started….
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Now click on “Create App“(located in the upper right part of the website), then Choose “Messenger“.
Step 3: Now Choose the color, Backgrounds according to your choice and Hit Next.
Step 4: Assign an App name, hit next and then give a description, hit next. Now Choose an icon, you can choose the defalut icons or you can also choose custom icon and hit next.
Step 5: Now Tap on create and then register on Apps geyser, Simply fill up the registration form and sign up.
Step 6: Now they will send you a verify link, Simply verify your account, then go to dashboard and download the App. Now install the app and chat. Voila, you did it.
Note: The App will take some time to Build.

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