Best Tricks & Tips For Android To Boost Battery Life

Best Tricks & Tips For Android To Boost Battery Life 

Here is the android best tricks and tips that will increase and boost up android battery life that will last longer. No doubt’s our smartphone’s are very smart & powerful but their batteries “Not So Much”!!

Here Some Tips on How to Increase Your Battery Backup:

1.Screen Brightness-

Keep your Brightness Level to 30-40%.1
Most of the people use automatic brightness to save the battery but in fact it doesn’t. Here the explanation-When we set our screen brightness to Auto,then the Ambient Light Sensor gets activated and it continuously checks to see if there is some changes in the light to our surroundings so that it can manage and change screen brightness according to the surroundings.If it sense change in light (which changes very often) then it will send the signal to our CPU and the CPU will do some calculation and change the screen brightness accordingly. More Changes in Light,More calculation And More Eating of Battery. Therefore It is important to keep your Brightness Level to 35-40% which is convenient to look the screen in most cases and saves the battery resources a lot.

2.Set Black Wallpaper.2

This may come as a bit strange but this is true in those phone which have AMOLED Screen. The Screen is made of small pixels,every pixel lights up color to produce the image/videos. But in AMOLED Screen case if the picture or video is black then those pixels does not lits up,which means they are deactivated.Therefore it Saves the battery and make the differecne to a very extent!!

3.Turn Off Google Now – Ok Google Hotword Detection.3

The Ok Google is an awesome feature but it also consumes more battery . Turning it off can save a lot of battery!!
4.Turn Off GPS,NFC,Bluetooth & Wi-Fi.4Turn these feature when they are not in use,because they use alot of battery resources.When you require them they can be easily activated from notification area.

5.Turn Off Vibration & Haptic Feedback.

Vibration of mobile uses alot of battery because it activates a motor that produces vibration and this little vibration producing mechanical motor uses alot of battery resource. Therefore turn off these vibration and Haptic Feedback where you don’t necessarily need them like while typing or touching etc.

6.Don’t Use Widgets.

Widgets uses a lot of battery because it keeps the CPU awake which means it keeps on calculation in the background and then shows the data on screen according.So it constantly keeps working and which uses more battery and lead to  poor performance.

7.Keep Updated & Clean Apps.7

Keep your Apps updated to the latest versions because they are improved versions and uninstall those apps that you don’t need.Because some apps which you are not using might use background process and hence they will use your battery resources unnecessarily.

8.Rectify Which Apps are Using More Battery.8

See what things uses most of your battery resources.Cut them down or Turn them off if you don’t need them to drain your battery. This will eventually helps you to reduce the battery consumption.
Use all the tips and boost android battery life :-)


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